Level up your Mid Autumn Festival with these whisky pairings 🥮

Sep 11, 2023

Which mooncake is your favourite? Lotus seed with single/double yolk, custard or mixed nuts? When preparing different flavours of mooncakes for the Mid-Autumn Festival, don't forget to pair them with drinks for a delicious and warm festival. Timeless & Tasty has selected 3 bottles of whisky to pair with various mooncakes: each pairing upgrades the original flavour of the mooncake, experiencing the double enjoyment of mooncake and whisky at the same time!

The lotus seed mooncake with single/double yolk has the sweetness of white lotus seed paste and the savoury flavour of egg yolk. It is paired with Benrinnes 12 Years, a rich and spicy whisky matured in refill sherried hogsheads, which counterbalances the sweetness of the mooncake. Notes of leather, chocolate and cherry in the whisky add layers of flavours and a fresh take on the traditional mooncake.

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Custard mooncakes are popular for their rich creamy flavour and egg yolk aroma, intertwined with a mild sweetness. Macduff 2006/2016, matured in bourbon casks, is also smooth and slightly creamy, with very gentle fruity notes, plus some hints of vanilla and a touch of floral notes, which complement the sweetness of the custard mooncake, making every sip a pleasant and satisfying experience.

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A favourite amongst nut lovers, the mixed nuts mooncake offers a taste of 5 different nuts mixed together with cured ham. It is chewy and crunchy, rich in both texture and flavour. The peated smoky whisky CI12, which pairs perfectly with the nuts, has a classic maritime note. The smoke and peat neutralise the greasiness of the mooncake, while the orchard fruits, green grass and citrus zest add some refreshing flavours to the mooncake, so you won't get tired of eating more than a few pieces!

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This Mid-Autumn Festival, add a pairing whisky when serving mooncakes to your friends and family to create a delicious surprise! We wish you all a happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

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