May 25, 2024

High Coast Distillery is a relatively new player to the whisky world, established in 2007 in Norrland, Northern Sweden, and formerly known as the Box Distillery, named after the place where carton boxes were produced. The distillery is situated in a special natural environment where the constant flow of icy mountain water from the nearby river and the strong temperature variations in the area give the whisky its unique character. The abundance of ice-cold water condenses the spirits efficiently, and the extreme winter-summer and day-night temperature variations in Norrland accelerate part of the maturation process and contribute to the development of distinctive flavours. The distillery produced its first whisky, The Pioneer, in 2014, and has since released whiskies in a variety of styles and flavours. 

Dálvve was released in November 2016 as High Coast Distillery's first core product. Dálvve represents the house style of Box Distillery, matured in bourbon casks, with a fruity and vanilla sweetness and not much peat on the nose. The smokiness comes through on the palate, with some coastal saltiness. The sweetness from the nose is also present in the taste. A very complex 5 year old whisky.

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2nd Step 03 is the third and final edition in the 2nd Step Collection series, and was released in the spring of 2017. It is a smoky combination of bourbon barrels with top notes of new American and Hungarian oak. It was the first whisky the distillery presented with more than five years of maturation, which is evident in maturity and character.

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The Quercus range uses a variety of different kinds of oak to experiment with the effects of different species of oak on the flavour of whisky. The Quercus I - Robur, the first whisky in the range, is matured in European Quercus robur oak. This species grows in several parts of Europe, can be found throughout Sweden, and contains a relatively high proportion of tannins and antioxidants, lending spicy and sweet flavours to whisky.

This bottle is soft and delicate on the nose with vanilla, coconut milk, pine wood and tropical fruit top notes. It has soft spiciness; pepper, ginger, nutmeg, and even hints of carnation. On the palate, full bodied and rich mouthfeel. Peppery and fizzy. A wave of sweet oak. Mint, caramel, toasted oak and pine wood. At the finish, medium long and very sweet. Marshmallows, floral honey, ginger, and sweet licorice. A touch of green tea with a generous helping of white sugar. Honey melon and rich caramel sauce right at the end.

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The second whisky in the Quercus range, Quercus II - Alba, is matured in American white oak, which is found in eastern and central North America, and is very commonly used in the wine and whisky industry. This oak is low in tannins and high in lactones, imparting a coconut flavour.

On the nose, vanilla sticks in a glass of warm milk with honey. Hints of citrus and coconut. With time cinnamon, warm ginger cake and sun-warmed oak. On the palate, full-bodied with a dry-ish mouthfeel. Lots of pepper - black and white. Quite spicy actually. A certain level of oakiness here - dry, toasted staves of oak. Some nuttiness in the background. Hints of coconut. At the finish, medium long and most of the spiciness give way to a light and rich sweetness. A sweet and lightly peppery warmth, like a rye whiskey with added maltiness. Soft oakiness and vanilla remain till the end. 

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