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April 2024


This Mortlach is part of the Whisky Trail Jazz Series bottled by Elixir Distillers.

This 1993 vintage Mortlach is densely packed with wild cloudy honey, beeswax polish, menthol and walnuts. Haystacks and Scottish tablet develop with time.

A waxy mouthfeel gives depth and aromatic rooibos tea blends with warming hot-toddy spices: cardamom, clove and cinnamon. With water, there’s ginger ale and a hoppy bitterness. Simply a beautiful texture on the palate.

The whisky remains for a long time. Syrupy sweetness mixes with beautiful, medicinal herbal notes of gentian and juniper. Finally, the menthol emerges again, revealing the significant age of the whisky.

Our recommendation is to add a few drops of water!

WF 91pts

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Peat & Sherry can be a great partners if they are on the same page. This Caol Ila exactly shows the perfect balance between the two powerhouses.

This peated whisky matured in PX Sherry cask displays a bag of tobacco, sweet spices such as cinnamon and nutmeg. Add a few drops of water and some soy sauce notes arises.

At the first sip, the 55.9% abv gives a warm feel, with the sweet spices on the forefront. A pleasant spiciness and very rich texture. Raisins and a touch of bitterness. Again with some water, the whisky becomes meatier and like on the nose, the savoury notes of soy sauces appear.

The flavours linger before longing for another sip of this rich Caol Ila.

We like this whisky with and without water, it is entirely up to you if you prefer more savoury notes or stick with rich sweet spices.

WF 88pts

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3. OC4

The Elements of Islay is a range of iconic, small-batch, expertly sourced independently bottled whiskies. The Limited Edition range consists of single malt bottlings from individual Islay distilleries identified with periodic symbols and batch numbers.

Oc4 is the 4th release that has been bottled in 2016. This Octomore is clean, with pine smoke and lemongrass. Not much influence of the cask on the nose. Juniper and fennel seeds make for an intense aromatic experience, with the distillate clearly in the foreground and wood in the background. Of course there is medicinal peatiness, and lots of it.

White pepper and intense peat reek sit up front after the first taste. The texture is rich and oily, and while there is heat from the strength, it is all in the background. There is something almost mezcal like about this whisky, run through with smoked juniper and iodine.

WF 91pts

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March 2024


Made from 100% Japanese barley and distilled on wash still K of ex-Karuizawa distillery. It has floral, fruity, citrus and vanilla aromas.

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From 100% Japanese barley and distilled on wood-fired wash stills from Scotland. A sweet whisky with vanilla, cream and malt flavours.

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Whisky candle - smoky & strong

A special hand-poured and natural whisky candle, produced in collaboration with THE BLOMSTRE, fill up the space with smoky and glamorous aroma.

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