May 4, 2023

Bunnahabhain was founded in 1881 and relied on sea trade for its raw materials in the early years of its existence, before the first road was built to the distillery in the 1960s. Although located on the island of Islay, which is famous for its peat smoke, the distillery mainly uses non-peated malts to produce its whisky, resulting in a unique and refreshing style. Bunnahabhain's whiskies are smooth on the palate and have a maritime taste, and all their whiskies are produced without chill filtering to preserve the original flavours. The following Bunnahabhain whiskies each have their own characteristics - come to Timeless & Tasty and find your favourite one now!


Bn7 from Elements of Islay is an unpeated whisky matured in sherry casks for 16 years. Dark orange chocolate, under-sugared peach jam and shredded lemon verbena. Rounded out by nutty, mature cheddar on the nose. Smoked paprika and cumin spice marries with tart sweetness: apple drops and slightly burnt pear upside-down-cake. More pepperiness with crunchy ginger-nut biscuits and a drop of star anise oil on the palate. At the finish, weathered leather, raw cacao nibs and the prickle of Pimento pepper, toned down with Danish butter cookies.

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Bottled by A.D. Rattray, Bunnahabhain 16 Years is an unpeated whisky matured in bourbon hogshead. It is a sweet and dreamy flavour with toasted coconut, milk chocolate and banana on the nose. Heather honey fudge, salted caramel and lemon on the palate. Mouth-watering lemon meringue pie and salted popcorn at the finish.

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Bottled by A.D. Rattray, Staoisha 5 Years is a peated whisky matured in bourbon hogshead. On the nose, tarry rope, seaweed, toasting marshmallows and clove. On the palate, beach fire smoke, sea salt, and unmistakable Islay peat. At the finish, a brackish, dry smoke lingers like a murky sea haar.

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Bottled by Cadenhead’s, Bunnahabhain 5 Years is matured in bourbon barrels. On the nose, oily and grassy with background peat. Very industrial. Some black pepper with fennel and lemon thyme, then becomes creamier. On the palate, dry ash, and then smoking hot oil, pear skins, whole limes, runny honey and a hint of mezcal. At the finish, drying smoke and then becoming oilier and giving way to creamy stuffed peppers and hints of engine oil.

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Another Bunnahabhain bottled by Cadenhead’s is the 7 Years matured in sherry cask, bringing both spicy and smoky flavours. Crispy bacon, ripe bananas, fishing nets on the nose. Campfire smoke, paprika, subtle medicinal notes on the palate. Growing damp wood smoke, dark chili chocolate and mint leaves at the finish.

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