Chinese New Year Special: spirits paired with traditional snacks

Feb 2, 2024

Drink pairing shouldn't be limited to Western food, traditional Chinese snacks can benefit from the same. You may never have thought that whisky and Chinese New Year snacks can be a good match! Two popular traditional snacks, rice cake and turnip cake, are paired with a whisky and a rum to bring you a fresh and delicious New Year’s taste.

Rice cake, with its satisfyingly chewy & sticky texture and cane sugar sweetness, also carries the blessing of prosperity every year. Black Tot Finest Caribbean Rum brilliantly highlights this. Blending the flavours of the Caribbean - tropical fruit, ginger cake, and juicy honeydew melon - with a charming natural aroma, this is the perfect complement to crispy fried rice cakes. The rum’s natural sweetness also heightens the sweetness of the caramelised rice cake.

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When Turnip Cake meets whisky, the fresh and sweet turnip with diced meats, mushrooms and dried shrimp exudes a rich aroma, the thought of which is simply mouth-watering. Cask Islay Bourbon special edition whisky is just right to pair with turnip cake. Its rich smoke and flavours of crab skewers & fried prawns perfectly balance the umami of turnip cake. As it is bottled at barrel strength, the high alcohol concentration can cut through the oiliness, so you can eat a few more pieces without feeling guilty.

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