SKU: SZ23005


SKU: SZ23005

A continuation of the distillery's S series, United S is a blend of the distillates from Pot Stills K and W, harmonising the different characteristics of the two stills to create a flavour unique to Shizuoka Distillery. The "S" in the product name not only indicates that it is the successor to Contact S, but also stands for Shizuoka, Spirits, Single Malt, and Sphere. The "United" signifies a further evolution: the harmonisation and fusion of the two original spirits encountered in Contact S. Its smooth and balanced flavour can be compared to a sphere. The fruity and light distillate from the steam-heated still K forms the upper half of the sphere, while the heavy and powerful distillate from the wood-fired still W supports the lower half.

The core ingredients are Japanese barley malt, Scottish non-peat malt, peated malt, and beer malt. First-fill bourbon barrels are used as the main ageing barrels, as well as wine barrels, among others. This is a Summer 2023 edition (500ml). 

  • Flavour Group: Floral & Delicate
  • Region:
  • Distillery: Shizuoka Distillery
  • Abv: 50.5%
  • Cask Type:
  • Year distilled:
  • Year bottled: 2023
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