Let's get peat! Elements of Islay Tasting Event



Calling all Islay fans! The Fèis Ìle in Scotland is held this month. Even if you can't fly there, you can still enjoy Islay whiskies with other whisky lovers in Hong Kong!

This month's Timeless & Tasty whisky tasting event is Islay-themed, and you'll be sampling three of Elements of Islay's newest core range, including Cask Edit, Bourbon Cask and Sherry Cask, as well as Timeless & Tasty's exclusive I ❤️HK Special Edition. Featuring four different flavors of Islay whisky in one night, the tasting event will be held at Pigsman in Sheung Wan on May 17 (Wednesday) at 7pm for only HK$200 per person. A complementary meal is included.

If you're interested in joining us, sign up here.


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