World's First Black Tot Rum Cocktail Champion Crowned👑

Aug 22, 2023
The world's first ever Black Tot Rum Cocktail Competition, co-organized by Whiskies & More, Black Tot Rum and Tasting Kitchen, has come to a successful conclusion. The first Black Tot Rum Cocktail Champion was crowned after two rounds of exciting and fierce competition! 
The theme of the competition is "The Black Tot Rum Explore to Create". In the first round of the competition, the 10 finalists from top bars in Hong Kong were tasked with creating a cocktail using Black Tot Finest Caribbean Rum as the base, with ingredients and mixers of their choice. The contestants not only have excellent bartending skills, but also are full of ideas and creativity to create Black Tot Rum cocktails with amazing colour, aroma and flavours. 

The panel of judges includes Black Tot Rum Global Ambassador Mitch Wilson, CRU Magazine co-founder Eddie Chui, culinary artist Hilda Chan, and Wine & Whisky TV host Cecilia Wong. They scored the cocktails on taste, presentation, and theme, and selected the six bartenders with the highest scores to advance to the second round of the competition.


The second round of the competition was The Market Challenge. Contestants were tasked with creating a cocktail with seasonal fruits announced on the spot within 15 minutes, including lychee, papaya, pineapple, mangosteen and watermelon. It was a test of both efficiency and creativity, making it a very difficult competition! All the professional bartenders seized the time to create delicious cocktails with surprises, bringing a visual and taste sensation to the judges. We are pleased to announce that Evan Mak of Argo had an outstanding performance and won the first Black Tot Rum Cocktail Championship! Congratulations!

The Black Tot Rum range is brimming with Caribbean flavours and can be enjoyed neat or with different ingredients to create delicious cocktails. Everyone can make a Black Tot Rum cocktail that is unique to their personal taste!

Thank you to all of the Top 10 Black Tot Rum Cocktail Competition Finalists (in no particular order)




Chloe Natterer

Call Me AL

 Founded by Brothers

Danny Lau

Room 309

 Dry Jack

Evan Mak

Argo at Four Seasons

 Naval Punch

Ganesh Gurung



Hugo Ip

25:00 Twenty Fifth Hour

 A.R.T. (Art - Respect  -Toughness)

Jack Li

St Regis Bar Hong Kong


James Cheng

Safari Bar (Town Club GTA)


Noel Anwell Sabiñano

Argo at Four Seasons

 Fancy Shandy

Oscar Ip

Rosewood Darkside


Pabin Gurung




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