Feb 7, 2024
Japanese whisky fans will not want to miss the Shizuoka Distillery tasting event this month. We are hosting the first Japanese Barley Focus session, participants will sample Pot Still K, distilled using the former Karuizawa Distillery's steam-heated still K, and Pot Still W, distilled in wood-fired wash stills from Scotland. A distinctive feature of Shizuoka Distillery is their use of 100% Japanese barley in addition to imported barley. This event provides a great opportunity for participants to taste 4 whiskies, comparing the unique flavours and expressions of different barley matched with different stills. The Pot Still W 100% Japanese barley recently won the World Whisky Award in the small Japanese Single Malt category!

Date: Sat 24 Feb
Time: 3 - 4.:30pm
Location: TIffany's New York Bar
Price: $580

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