Black Tot Rum Cocktail Competition

Jul 21, 2023

The 200-year-old tradition of the Royal Navy's "daily rum ration" officially ended on 31 July 1970, which became the historic Black Tot Day. To celebrate the tradition, independent bottler Elixir Distillers creates the Black Tot Rum collection of Caribbean-inspired rum. Premium spirits supplier Whiskies & More is partnering with Tasting Kitchen and Black Tot Rum to host the world's first ever Black Tot Rum Cocktail Competition in Hong Kong. After the first round of screening, 10 competing bartenders will compete for the title of Black Tot Rum Cocktail Master at the Grand Final on 24 July. 

The theme of the competition is "The Black Tot Rum Explore to Create". All participating bartenders are required to create a cocktail using Black Tot Finest Caribbean Rum as the base and adding any ingredients and mixers of their choice. A panel of judges will judge the cocktails on taste, presentation and theme to select a worthy winner. The public will also have the opportunity to participate in the event. From now until 31 July, the public is invited to visit the following bars to taste the bartenders' entries and experience not only the bartenders' creative design and superior mixology skills, but also enjoy the delicious surprise when Black Tot Rum's blends with other specialty ingredients!

Black Tot Rum Cocktail Competition Top 10 Finalists (in no particular order)



Chloe Natterer

Call Me AL

Danny Lau

Room 309

Evan Mak

Argo at Four Seasons

Ganesh Gurung


Hugo Ip

25:00 Twenty Fifth Hour

Jack Li

St Regis Bar Hong Kong

James Cheng

Safari Bar (Town Club GTA)

Noel Anwell Sabiñano

Argo at Four Seasons

Oscar Ip

Rosewood Darkside

Pabin Gurung


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