Blair Athol Distillery was founded in 1798 at Pitlochry in the southern Highlands of Scotland. For its first 27 years it took the name Aldour from the nearby river Allt Dour, but by 1825 had changed its name to Blair Athol. Most of the spirits produced at the distillery over the years were blended for Bell's whisky, which was mainly aged in bourbon casks and the rest in sherry casks. 


Blair Athol is currently operating five days a week with two pairs of stills, and produces over two million litres of spirits a year. It is now part of the Diageo Group and is the most visited distillery of all the group's distilleries, with around 80,000 visitors a year, making it the 4th most visited distillery in Scotland. 


For a taste of Blair Athol's single malts, check out our recommendations, including Timeless & Tasty's 7 Year Anniversary exclusive bottling of 12 Years, as well as a wide range of other choices from independent bottlers. 


This year marks Timeless & Tasty's 7th anniversary, and to celebrate this special occasion, we have released two exclusive bottles of whisky with anime-style labels featuring women of Hong Kong, designed by local illustrator Bobo Wong. One of the anniversary whiskies is Blair Athol 12 Years, which has aromas of grass, violet, minerals and manuka honey, with a palate of peaches, apricots, candied sweets and hay and a gentle finish. The whisky's refreshing and fruity flavours are perfect for the current crisp weather. The exclusively designed and highly collectible label features Hong Kong in the background, showcasing the vibrancy and glamour of Hong Kong's women. 

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For a spicier choice try Blair Athol 21 Years, aged in bourbon hogshead and bottled by A.D. Rattray. On the nose, Crystallised ginger, soft fudge and star anise. On the palate, pumpkin pie, whipped cream and caramel. All the sweetness and spice of a well-stocked baking cupboard at the finish.

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A batch of six hogsheads has been used to create the Blair Athol 10 Years bottled by The Single Malts of Scotland. This dram is loaded with tropical and summer fruits, along with a patisserie sweetness and shadows of earthiness. On the nose, a jar of caster sugar, infused with split vanilla pods. Iced buns, warm pineapple jam and strawberry coulis appear, with a hint of Gala apples. On the palate, tropical fruit notes abound, with passionfruit and pineapple pâte de fruits. The buns from the nose emerge as Danish pastries, covered with pieces of dried mango, followed by a drizzling of spicy honey. It has a long, sweet, tropical finish, accented with a touch of earthiness and a dusting of garam masala.

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Blair Athol 12 Years, bottled by Hidden Spirits, is aged in bourbon casks. This single malt has aromas of shortbread and lemon curd, zingy but not sharp, while the palate is nutty with a richness and chewiness and flavours of melon and peach danishes.

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