Celebrating World Whisky Day!


20th May is World Whisky Day and we have selected several whiskies from around the world. Some of them are peated whiskies, so you can experience the smoky taste of peat outside of Islay, Scotland. From Asia to the Americas to Europe, a global trip for the taste buds is now underway!


The first stop is India. Amrut is a multi-award winning Indian distillery, their Raw Cask Amrut Peated Cask Finish bottled by Blackadder has a nice smoky, peated aroma which envelopes the vanilla, anise and spices that come from the original bourbon cask. On the palate, smoked bacon is prominent along with the anise and spices. It has a meaty feel with warm smoky, peaty oak and sweetness. At the finish, moderate tannins on the cheeks and a little spicy. The smoke, peat, sweetness and spices are long lingering!

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The second stop is Japan, a country already highly regarded for its whisky. Contact S from Shizuoka distillery is a blend of distillates from both ex-Karuizawa distilling equipment and a wood-fired wash still from Scotland. It was made using Japanese barley malt, Scottish peated and unpeated malt and German beer malt, while the barrels used were primarily first-fill Bourbon barrels and quarter casks. This is a rounded well-balanced whisky composed from two different but complementary pot stills, fruity with a long finish, perfect for all Japanese whisky lovers.

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The third stop is America. A Tennessee Distillery 18 Years is aged in bourbon cask. This whisky from the American distillery is sweet and dreamy, with notes of vanilla pods, salted caramel and honeysuckle. On the palate, caramel latte, honeycomb and milk chocolate. At the finish, root ginger, sweetened butter and many layers of sweetness.

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Then we are heading to Northern Europe, first to Sweden. The Box single malt whisky American Oak is a 100% peated whisky that was finished for 8 months in virgin American Oak after aging for 4.5 years in bourbon casks. Very intense toasty notes, caramel and smoke on the nose. Lots of wood, spices, dried fruits and smoky peat, well balanced on the palate. At the finish, long with smoke and dried fruits.

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The last stop is Finland. Teerenpeli 10 Years has been aged in bourbon and sherry casks The maltiness is clearly present and vanilla with a bit of toffee on the nose. Oily, rich and smooth with a bit of toasted sugar on the palate. At the finish, pleasant, warm, has a hint of vanilla.

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