艾萊島元素是一系列經専業挑選,具標誌性和小批量的獨立瓶裝威士忌。 限量版系列包括搜羅自艾萊島獨立釀酒廠的單一麥芽威士忌,並用周期性符號和批號以作識别標籤(Lp1,Ar2等等)。 它們可以瓶裝成單桶威士忌,又或者由3至20個精心挑選酒桶而成的調和 威士忌。 這些表達方式彰顯及佐證了個别釀酒廠均衡而獨特的個性。

Nose: Coal fires, candy floss and lobster pots. Thick, dense smoke combines with notes of kirsch. The peat becomes more medicinal, showing classic distillery character. Darker, almost burnt-tyre notes remain.
Palate: Juicy, with rich stewed fruit and smoked salt. Well balanced and reminiscent of perfectly cooked game meat covered in a port and redcurrant sauce. Notes of beach BBQ, charred mackerel and sweet langoustines develop, reminding us of a perfect summer day on Islay.
Finish: Smoked sea salt and dark fruit linger, leaving the palate slightly dry and ready for a second sip.