Founded in 2016, SHIZUOKA DISTILLERY is located in the protected mountains of Shizuoka, known as Oku-Shizu. The underground water from the Southern Alps nourishes the earth of this area. Their aim is to create a balanced whisky in harmony with the natural environment. SHIZUOKA DISTILLERY use the well-known ex-Karuizawa, the distilling equipment previously used by the legendary Karuizawa Distillery, which gives a spirit that expresses smooth, fruity and floral flavours. They also use wood-fired spirit stills from Scotland, which they believe give a heavy, powerful and sweet spirit. This distilling equipment ensures the quality of spirit.

New make spirit is the colourless and high proof alcoholic liquid that is taken from the spirit still after distillation. Since it is untainted by cask influence, the characters and flavours of the distilling equipment are completely presented. The Hong Kong exclusive Shizuoka Discovery Sets contain three 200ml bottles of new make spirit, and offer you a chance to enjoy original new make spirits and taste the differences imparted by the different stills. The set includes:

  • New make spirit Unpeated by Karuizawa still, 63.6% alc./vol
  • New make spirit Unpeated by Wood-fired still, 63.6% alc./vol
  • New make spirit Unpeated 33 Months Bourbon Cask, 64.2% alc./vol

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