After initially maturing in traditional oak casks over a number of years The Arran Single Malt in this bottling was finished in a selection of Marsala wine casks sourced from an artisan producer of this iconic wine from the island of Sicily to the south of mainland Italy. Our Master Distiller, James MacTaggart, has carefully monitored this period of secondary maturation to ensure the perfect balance is struck between the Marsala casks and the delicate citrus character of The Arran Malt. The end result is a Single Malt with a fruity character, full of complexity and quality.

Tasting Notes:

Nose: A rich, sweet spiciness that carries hints of pear and candied orange peels, beautifully complimenting the signature citrus flavor of the Arran Single Malt.
Palate: A delicate fruitiness that develops into a deep caramel and vanilla, followed with roasted chestnuts.
Finish: The Marsala expression leaves memory of a sweet oak and toffee apples, under toned by notes of fresh ginger and pine nuts. A complex yet well-balanced dram which demonstrates perfectly the balance between the rich Marsala cask and the fruity Arran Single Malt.

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