The Elements of Islay are a range of iconic, small-batch, expertly sourced independently bottled whiskies. The Limited Edition range consists of single malt bottlings from individual Islay distilleries identified with periodic symbols and batch numbers (Lp1, Ar2,?and so on). They are bottled either as single casks or as small batches between 3 and 20 carefully selected casks. These expressions celebrate the distilleries individual character while presenting a balanced and characterful whisky bottled at full proof.

Nose: Sweet aromas of caramel, mango and spices contrast with an underlying sootiness like the hearth of a cooling fire.
Palate: An immediate hit of sooty smoke belies the subtle nose but slowly dissipates giving way to sweet, caramelised mango and peach, mingling with salty, charred roast ham. A subtle hint of star anise and clove lie in the background.
Finish: A fresh salinity lingers, with sweet smoke and a hint of iodine.

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