Among the rolling hills, lush grass and fress flowing streams which feed the mighty River Spey, lie over one third of Scotland’s distilleries. The region has been home to whisky-making for centuries, and Speyside has long been synonymous with the very finest Scotch whisky.

Through generations, Speyside’s skilled crafters have continues to harness the outstanding natural resources of the region through a mix of tradition and innovation. It is the perfect marriage of a unique heritage, world-leading engineering and the finest raw materials which lends Speyside whisky a special place in the heart of so many.

A.D. Rattray’s limited edition Cask Speyside captures the spirit of the region in a series of single malts with great character. This first batch release was distilled at one of Scotland’s most prestigious distilleries, and exhibits all the soft, gentle hallmarks of a classic Speyside whisky.

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