In mythology, a Chimera was a monstrous creature made up of multiple animals. Today’s Chimera is a single organism made of mixed species, the result of which is often breathtaking. As Blackadder is best known for their single cask bottlings, they felt Chimera would be a perfect name for this exciting range of exclusive blended malt whiskies. No two Chimeras will ever be the same, from the source of the whisky to the fingerprint left by the casks. Blackadder Chimera -beautifully crafted vatted malts.

Very honeyed with some under ripe banana and floury apple. There is an underlying tobacco note accompanies the oak and light sherry characteristics. A hint of cloves. A buttery palate with light sherry notes and a hint of banana the oak isn’t very prominent. The finish has some tannins with a slight prickly drying of my cheeks and tongue, I’m left with sherry cask lingering.

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