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Located in the protected mountainous area of Shizuoka, known as Oku-Shizu,

SHIZUOKA DISTILLERY lives in close harmony with the nature. The underground water from the Southern Alps, which nourishes the earth of this area, flows into the Abe River before reaching Suruga Bay. SHIZUOKA DISTILLERY is the first ever distillery to use Japanese cedar as equipment, and combined with the seasonal microclimate, their aim is to create a balanced whisky in harmony with the natural environment. SHIZUOKA DISTILLERY was completed in August 2016 and by the end of that year, the first spirit was produced. The distillery has three stills: a wash still from the demolished Karuizawa distillery and the wash and spirit stills from Scotland. Apart from the well-known ex-Karuizawa still, another exciting feature of SHIZUOKA DISTILLERY is the firing system used for the distillation. The ex-Karuizawa pot still will be “steam-heated”, while the new Forsyth’s wash still is “wood-fired” or direct fire. At the distillery they believe that the “wood-fired” still gives a heavy, powerful and sweet sprit while the “steam-heated Karuizawa” still gives a spirit that expresses smooth, fruity and floral flavours.

.Shizuoka Distillery