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“Quality is Timeless. Fine Liquor is Tasty. Fine Quality Liquor is Timeless & Tasty“

There is always a drink for everybody, no matter what your favourite spirit is: whisk(e)y, brandy, rum, gin, tequila, you name it. Each of these liquors has been around for a long time: the first reference to Scotch whiskies dates back to the late 15th century, while in France, the region of Cognac started trading wine as early as the 12th century. Brandy was kicked off by the Dutch, who started to distill wine into “Brandwijn” to survive the long sea voyages in the 16th century. Rum appeared much earlier in Asia, but the distillation of sugarcane was only documented from the 16th century in Latin America. Each liquor has its own story, its own origin, and its own tradition. Luckily, nowadays, we still find passionate craftsmen, who produce spirits following the traditional methods. This allows us to find a bit of history in our glasses! Timeless & Tasty was founded with the primary goal of providing quality drinks to customers in Hong Kong. Furthermore, we like to introduce less mainstream products and adventurous, off the beaten path and perhaps a bit rebellious experiences, like Street Art. We think Street Art is a medium, which allows artists to freely express their creativity by drawing masterpieces in the public for the public. Their designs can be bold and expressive, as well as very elegant and graceful. Timeless & Tasty believes the combination of passion, craftsmanship and artistry is key to maintain the high quality of each product, whether it is about drinks or any form of art. For this reason, all our products are carefully selected for you to discover the wonderful tastes from all over the world. Here you can expect to find drinks to lift up your taste buds! Happy Tasting!

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Quality is Timeless. Fine drinks are Tasty. Fine Quality Drinks are Timeless & Tasty

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